Basic Bayes Template

This is a template html page for the Javascript function produced by BasicBayes_Pgm.php It provides examples of how the function can be used without connection to the www.

The page is designed as an example and a template, expecting that the user will want to modify it to suit his/her own needs. With this in mind, the page has the following features.

It is recommended that, once this page is downloaded, the user should do the following
  1. Use the browser's Tools, and examine the codes behind the page, to make sure there are no hidden or malicious codes
  2. Use a text editor, and modify the program by
  3. Test the edited page thoroughly to ensure that the modifications contains no errors before it is used
The user can also use the logic of this page, translate the codes into his/her own applications or into another computer language

Example 1: A Column of Attributes

This example is intended for interpreting a column of attributes

Example 2: User Interface

This example is intended for use by a data technician, with user interface to produce the attribute, and use that attribute to produce a result Hair Color      Eye Color