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StatsToDo : Concordance (Agreements) Explained

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Intro Kappa Kuder-Richardson Cohen/Fleiss Kappa Kendall's W Intraclass Correlation Cronbach's Alpha Ref
This page explains 6 sets of concordance programs available from StatsToDo. Although each program is discussed in some detail in their own panels, this introductory page provides a summary and overview.

Concordance is a measure of agreement between opinions or measurements, so it concerns measurements and judgements rather than the subjects being measured or judges. The programs from StatsToDo differ in the type of measurement they handled.

  • Kappa measures agreement between 2 or more ratters or judges, on nominal data, where the numbers used are labels and have no scalar relationship.
  • Kuder-Richardson Coefficient measures agreement between 2 or more binary measurements
  • The Fleiss Kappa measures agreements between 2 or more sets of ordinal measurements. Cohen's Kappa is a special case of Fleiss Kappa, dealing with only two measurements, but weighted the disagreement to produce a more precise measurement.
  • The Kendall's W was originally developed to compare ranking by 3 or more judges.
  • The Intraclass Correlation measures agreement between 3 or more normally distributed measurements
  • The Cronbach's Alpha is a coefficient of reliability for a combination of multiple measurements. It has wide applicability, and has gradually replace the other measurements of agreements.

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