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Introduction MacroPlot Structure
This is the major help file for MacroPlot.

Macroplot was initially devised to produce two dimensional graphics for scientific publications with the following objectives

  • That it is simple and easy to use, requiring only a short learning curve
  • That the program is small and easy to produce
  • That it allows easy editing of the bitmap at the user interface

To achieve this, the production of a bitmap is separated into two stages. The first stage is the production of macros, a series of meta-codes each controlling a graphical procedure. The second stage is when the program interprets the macros and produce the bitmap.

The idea is for any statistical procedure to produce and publish the macros and the initial bitmap. The user can then edit the macros to change line thickness, colors, and so on to produce the final bitmap.

MacroPlot is most commonly used within the web pages of StatsToDo. Once the user is satisfied with the graphic produced, the bitmap can be harvested like any other graphic file on a web page, by right clicking it, then copied to the clipboard or saved to a file.

As there are but few codes, and they are easy to remember, users increasingly create bitmaps by directly writing the codes themselves. This in turn trigger the development of other macros to increase the number of plotting functions and to handle the bitmap.

A further development is the conversion of macros into Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) codes, which can be inserted into the macro box in PowerPoint to produce vector graphics. This greatly expanded the usefulness of MacroPlot, as the vector graphic format is required by publishers of scientific journal and books, as changing the size of the bitmap will then not cause distortions.