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StatsToDo: Discriminant Analysis

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Program 1. Produce Discriminant Coefficients from Reference Data

Data Input for Discriminant Analysis Using Reference Data
    The data is for a single analysis
    It is a table of multiple columns
    Each row contains data from a case or a record
    All columns except the last are predictors and must be numerical
    The last column (on the right) is outcome group name, single character or text with no gaps

Program 2. Using Discriminant Coefficients for Calssification

Table of group names
Single column of group names in alphabetical order
Table of Means and Standard Deviations of predictor variables
Two columns, mean and Standard Deviations
Each row from a predictor variable
Discriminant Fubction Coefficients
Number of columns = number of significant functions
Each row from a predictor variable
Function Centroids values
Number of columns = number of significant functionss
Each row from a group
     Apriori Probabilities
     Enter apriori probability for each group, separated by spaces
Table of data to be analysed
columns are the predictor variables
Each row from a case
x axis
y axis
     Functions to plot
     Enter function numbers for 2D plotting

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