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Introduction MacroPlot & Examples Resources
MacroPlot was devised because of problems encountered when plotting graphics. Often, although the plot represents the data correctly, it is not entirely satisfactory. The color, thickness of lines, size of dots and bars, and other components may not look right or aesthetically satisfactory. The user may want to change the appearance of some of the components without having to recreate the whole plot.

MacroPlot attempts to address this issue, by dividing the plotting process into two components. Firstly, the program creates a meta-language, the Macros, which are instructions on how the plot is to look like. Secondly, the graphic engine craetes the bitmap as instructed by the macros.

The original MacroPlot was provided as a php program, where user's data are processed on the server and the results sent back to the user's computer.

The macros are available to the user, and by editing the macros, the user can change the appearance of the bitmap without repeating the whole creation from the start.

Since 2020, attempts are made to replace all php programs with Javascript programs, for the following reasons

  • This reduces processing load on the server, providing easier access to other users
  • It eliminates limits on processing time, other than that on the user's computer and browser
  • It provides greater privacy for the users, as no data is transmitted out of the user's computer
  • It provides greater security for the user, as all the processing codes are on the back page and available to the user
The pages are still served as a php file, as php is used to assemble the components of the page. However the pages are essentially html files, and can be saved as such for repeated use on the user's computer.

The original php programs are served with _Exp, _Pgm, or _Tab descriptions. The new pages, using Javascript, have no such description attachments

This page is the generic and supportive page for the Javascript based MacroPlot graphic generator/editor, and contains the following panels.

  • The MacroPlot panel provides a platform for users to compose a plot, by inputting the macros directly into the input text box. Examples for each command are also provided for those not familiar with MacroPlot.
  • The resources panel provides two set of resources
    • The complete set of macros, with explanations and examples of how they are used for each.
    • Color codes for the more commonly used palettes