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StatsToDo: Odd and Risk Inter-conversion

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Explanations and References Javascript Program
Input Data
Data Input for Interconversion Between Risks and Odds:
   - A single column of data to be converted.
      -Each row the data to be converted

Data Input for Interconversion Between Risk Difference, Risk Ratio, and Odds Ratio
   - Two columns separated by white spaces
      -Each row a set of data to be converted
      -Column 1 is the value to be converted, Risk Difference, Risk Ratio, or Odds Ratio
      -Column 2 is the Patient Expected Event Rate (PEER).
      -As the common practice is to designate Group 1 as the group of interest or intervention,
        and group 2 as the control, background, or population value group,
        PEER is the same as risk or proportion of positives in group 2.

Convert Risks to Odds :
Convert Odds to Risks :
Convert from Risk Difference & PEER :
Convert from Risk Ratio & PEER :
Convert from Odds Ratio & PEER :
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