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StatsToDo: Sample Size for Phase II Studies: Simon's Procedure

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Data required
  • Type I Error (alpha;). The common values used are 0.05 or 0.1
  • Power (1-β). The common values used are 0.8 or 0.9
  • π0. The proportion of success at or below which treatment is abandoned
  • π1, The proportion of success at or above which treatment will be accepted for further development and trials
Please Note; If the difference between π0 and π1 is too narrow, the sample size required will exceed 120, and the calculations may become too long so the program will abort

User should replace the default example data with his/her choices

  Type I Error (α)
  Power (1-β)
  Success rate too low, reject treatment (π0)
  Success rate high enough, accept treatment for further evaluation (π1)

R Codes